Utilisation in building rapport with a crowd

This happened today and I thought I’d share it with you. If you need to build rapport with a crowd instantly then this is going to put you streets ahead and get you in sync.

At the moment I’m building a following around the Gold Coast, Qld and Far North Coast, NSW after moving here a fortnight ago. (Hence the absence of posts over the last few weeks. Moving keeps you busy).

So I thought I’d do something different and headed to Palm Beach/Currumbin Farmers Market. I’d visited there recently and spoke to the organiser. They have about 3,000 or so people pass through there each Saturday morning. At one end of the market there is a section for some musos. I was given 3 x 10-15 minutes sections when the musos had a break.

Here was a challenge. And I love challenges. Develop immediate rapport with a group of about 100 people and do a hypnosis demonstration. Each demo was a different group as they moved on after enjoying a bracket from the musicians while having a coffee.

To add a little more interest my hypnosis demonstrations had not been advertised. The only warning on the unsuspecting crowd was when the guitarist introduced me. Thats it.

First group was OK. Introduced myself. Mentioned the H word and you could feel a mix of interest as well as WTF. i spoke about one or two hypnotic concepts and then got a volunteer up to help demonstrate the finger vice and also bucket and balloon convincers.ย Quite a few, say 20 or so people, joined in. As I like to choose my battles for the greatest success I let her go back to the crowd and brought back the guitarists. Although, after that, the volunteer and a few others asked for my card and some info on hypnotherapy.

The second group was OK. Again, I introduced myself, got a volunteer and went to arm catalepsy after a handshake induction. This was good. And again, after the demo a few people wanted more info.

But I felt that I wasn’t capturing the whole crowd.

Last demo coming up. How can I approach this differently? I was noticing that I was listening to the music, feeling the sun, relaxing, hearing the birds etc. So I decided to utilise the experience that the crowd was having.

I got up. Introduced myself. And, already…you are sitting in the sun relaxing….listening to the music….talking with your friends….and you begin to have certain feelings……and that means that you can begin to think certain thoughts….and you notice that you are enjoying a certain state of mind….in essence you are experiencing a hypnotic state.

The connections was tangible as I could see most of the heads nodding in agreement with me as I was also nodding. Yes! One volunteer, more enquiries.

A great practice session and an opportunity to notice what I was noticing. More learning.

I trust that as you are sitting at your computer…reading this blog… you may begin to notice that you notice you can do this too ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great weekend. Love to hear your results as you implement this.

Wayne ๐Ÿ™‚


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What do you think….hypnosis for yoga

Have you noticed what you have been thinking? At last night’s hypnosis demonstration I was sharing on how our thought processes work. It was at a yoga school (QI YOGA Freshwater Beach, NSW).
In brief, that our ability to do something was simply whether or not we thought we can do it. Once we move past that point of thinking we can’t do something and believe we can…then we seem to be able to do it.
Mark, the owner of the school was asking if hypnosis could be used to help students become better. I asked him “better at what …specifically?” He explained that one of the challenges that his students and clients had was doing handstands..you know…the ones away from the wall.
He remembered at one stage he would do handstands against the wall …believing that was all he could do. Yet, when he asked himself the question “What if I could do a handstand in the middle of the room? What if…”
As soon as he began to think differently….within a short time…he began to do those handstands.
The question that arises…now….is….what are you thinking?
Remember the old quote – “Whether you think you can or think you can;t….you are right”
This is where hypnosis and NLP can be of real assistance. A skilled practitioner can navigate you to a place where you can think you can.
Let me know if you’d like to discover more. Mark and I chatted for quite a while on different strategies I would use to work on this specific area.
Love to hear your questions – wayne@hypnosis-downunder.com.au
Wayne ๐Ÿ™‚
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What will you do, or not, in a hypnotic trance?

Some people say that you will do anything in a trance …. and some say you will not do in trance what you would not do in your normal conscious state.

What;s the reality? Trick question. We create our own reality. If you’re a fan of Derren Brown you may have seen him hypnotise a young man to be an assassin. Even though the young man would probably never assassinate anyone in his normal conscious state the suggestions were done in such a way that he was merely shooting a target …not a person.

in a recent hypnosis show I found that one volunteer would not participate in the routine that involved smoking a hypnotic joint. He refused it outright. Have a look here.

Ettalong Hypnosis Show with Wayne Donnelly

Watch from the 4min 42 second mark and you will see that Joe, on far right, will not accept the hypnotic joint. And thats OK.

Interesting…isn’t it.

The thing is, how can we reframe things in our own life so that we do the things that we should be doing?

Well, you’ll have to give me a holler at wayne@hypnosis-downunder.com.au and we can chat and figure it out for you…in trance.

Have a great day,


0416 929 636



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Opening the door to your unconscious mind…

Quite often I’m asked how does hypnosis work? How do I get inside other people’s minds?

Well the thing is, I don’t “get inside your mind”. What I do is open up a way for me to speak directly with….your unconscious….mind. So, don’t worry, I’m not going to go in and take control of your mind. I’m just going to speak directly to your unconscious mind to help you access more of your inner resources.

Regardless of the context, be it a show, workshop, therapy or even a covert hypnosis session, my intent is for you to benefit. And believe me, having a positive intent for you is a success a successful hypnotic experience.

Then your next question is how do I open the door to your subconscious mind? Simple, when you know how. The first port of call is gaining rapport. If you don’t have rapport then the journey won’t even start.

Next, we have to bypass your critical conscious factor. There are different contexts as mentioned above so let’s take my favourite, the rapid induction. You can follow this in more detail in my free e book “Street Hypnosis Downunder” which you can find on my website http://www.hypnosis-downunder.com.au

The principle that you will see demonstrated is a momentary diversion like the gentle finger tap on the back of the head followed by a command. In that moment or two after the tap that’s when the door to you unconscious mind is open just long enough to prompt it to respond. To my command.

after that, then we get into the hypnotic fun.

hope that was of interest and benefit to you in response to your requests for More information.

Feel free to contact me on Skype Wayne.donnelly or call me in Australia on 0416 929 636

have a sensational day


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Are you rigid…or flexible?

Hi folks,

This is an interesting insight today. One of my teachers used to say to me – utilise the client’s trance – be flexible. What he means is to start working with people where they are. When someone comes to see a hypnotist/NLPer for some tranceformation work or to see a show they bring with them not only their map of the world. They also bring with them whatever they are experiencing that day, that moment, when they step/sit in front of you.

Last Friday night’s show at Ettalong Bowling Club was no exception. There was about 50 people in the room. Mixed ages. Maybe 1/3 above age 50. And being in a club environment, some people had already had a few drinks before they came in from other parts of the club. A typical club crowd.

When I do my preparations for a show, a workshop or therapy session I run through the event in my mind, I write the steps/processes/inductions, and in the case of a show, I also rehearse. Remember the 5Ps? Proper planning prevents poor performance. For this show I had done my preparation PLUS allowed for my inductions to be flexible. There are so many inductions to use and its easy to become comfortable with a few. Yet, having been caught by my own fixed approach in a previous show, I stepped up a bit in my preparation by allowing for flexibility.

And so, as it turned out, I was able to adapt to different volunteers. Some people responded to the suggestability tests quite well and the others I dismissed from the stage. Then, at the inductions, some responded well to instant inductions and then others responded well to an Elman type induction. Then the show went along at a great pace. With audience and volunteers having a great time.

The lesson? Be prepared, be flexible and adaptable, BE the hypnotist!

Hope that sharing my experience was helpful for you. Have a fantastic day, where ever you are, what ever time it is for you…as you read these words…sitting in your chair…you can be happy…knowing that your understanding of hypnosis grows.

Take care,

Wayne ๐Ÿ™‚


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What’s a hypnotic gift?

What’s a hypnotic gift? That’s a question I’m often asked when I explain how I finish off one of my comedy hypnosis shows, street hypnosis demonstrations or “Power Of Theย  Mind” presentations.

The key to every show, demonstration or talk is the volunteers that are participating. Without the volunteers there is no show. So, for me, it’s important to express my appreciation for their trust and support. And that’s a big thing for someone to come up out of the crowd, onto the stage and trust me as the hypnotists or speaker.

There is often a fear that people who volunteer will be made to cluck like a chicken or be made to do something that will humiliate them. Sadly, that’s a hangover from an older vaudeville style of stage performer.In fact, when I introduce myself as a hypnotist people often hold up their hands and say things like “don’t look into my eyes” or “don’t make me cluck like a chicken”.

Humiliation is not my style. For me, the goals for my shows are to entertain and amaze the audience, giving them a great comedy hypnosis show experience so that they leave the show in awe and wonder of the Power Of The Mind. My desired outcome for the volunteers is that they enjoy the experience of being in the show, they learn to relax, they become “unstuck” and they leave with that hypnotic gift.

So, what’s the hypnotic gift? It is the ability to be able to “go inside”, tap into the connection with their subconscious mind and find that one resource they desire. What resource is that? It may be greater confidence in an area of life that they have been looking for, better ability to focus and study, higher self esteem or one of any number of things we desire to get in touch with.

Once they locate that resource whilst in trance, I then create with them an “anchor”. They are then given instructions to be able to trigger that anchor whenever they desire or need that resource.

When they leave my show, demonstration or speech they do so with a gift and a sense that they are better equipped for life than when they came in.

That’s my hypnotic gift and the how & why I do it. I love to learn and grow and help others to the same.

Love and peace to you until next time.

Wayne ๐Ÿ™‚

feel free to connect with me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/hypnosisinaustralia or email me at wayne@hypnosis-downunder.com.au



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To …go into trance…learn to …go into trance…

If you’ve been reading my blogs you may have noticed that I do hypnosis shows as well as “change” or “transformation work”. I’ve heard some people say that one takes away from the other BUT I find the opposite. That doing personal change work complements the show work.ย  Makes for a more diverse and equipped professional.

In fact I did a show last night at The King St Brewhouse in Darling Harbour, Sydney. One of the questions I was asked a lot after the show last night was this – Why is it that some people seem to go into that hypnotic state called trance more easily than others?

How I respond to the question goes like this – I refer to a famous hypnotist from last century called Milton Erickson. He said that the more…you go into trance…the easier…you go into trance.

Much like going to the gym. The more you do it, the easier it is to do. Or anything that we do in life, isnt that true.

Much of this relates to our patterns of thinking. We repeat things often, they become a habit and we don’t even think about it. Many people last night referred to stress in their lives. This can become a habit. What I suggest we do is to practice relaxation so that we can learn to relax more easily, stress less and enjoy life more.

So that you can start to practice this I’d love to share with you a recording that I made and use regularly to …relax deeply.

My gift to you. All you have to do..is…do it!

Click on this link (or Cut and paste this link to your browser.) You may need to open a free DropBox account to access. It will be worth it.


If you like it let me know. And if..you want to…find a way to …quit smoking,…lose weight …remove a phobia..i can assist you or your friends with a suitable recording or treatment session to achieve your goals easily and effortlessly.

Learn to relax and…go into trance…Have a great weekend.

Wayne ๐Ÿ™‚



M 0416 929 636

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